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Defence Technology is a 100% black owned digital forensics company focusing on merging the traditional forensic investigative process with technology in order to conduct forensic investigations in an efficient and effective manner. Technology thus allows investigation teams to analyse the total population to be examined instead of conducting a sample test. Our team have extensive and global experience which is applied in delivering solutions to our clients.


Tsepo has 11 years of digital forensics experience which includes data analytics, acquisition of electronic evidence and cybercrime investigations. Tsepo is the Director at Defence Technology and will also render forensic technical support to clients and other stakeholders. Tsepo has recently worked in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where he was responsible for starting up a Cyber Forensic division of the broader Forensic practice at a big four firm. He has also worked in one of the big four South African banks as a Cybercrime Investigator where he specialized in cyber related financial fraud and online banking fraud investigations. Tsepo has extensive experience in detecting and analysing malware, phishing and intrusion matters (and other indicators of compromise)..



We pride ourselves in having a co-creative design enviroment with our clients. We'll be with you every step of the way.

1. Conceptualization of design(Creative Direction).
2. Revison and review with client.



We pride ourselves in having a co-creative design enviroment with our clients. We'll be with you every step of the way.

1. Conceptualization of design(Creative Direction).
2. Revison and review with client.


Director: Tsepo Moleko

Email: Tsepo@defencetechnology.co.za

Cell: 072 424 2176

Office: 011 805 1548

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688 Gallagher Avenue

Gallagher Business Exchange

Unique Selling point

Our Digital Forensics service comprise of two streams, namely Digital Forensics and Data Analytics.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is the process of uncovering and interpreting all types of electronic data including computers, servers and mobile phones. The aim of the process is to preserve any evidence in its most original form while performing a structured investigation by collecting, identifying and validating the digital information for the purpose of reconstructing past events. The context is most often for usage of data in a court of law and to assist organisations uncover the truth about events that occurred from electronic data. Our forensic laboratory has equipment that assists clients in acquiring electronic images, processing these images during a document review, and specialised Cyber Forensic equipment in order to assist clients in complex cybercrime investigations in cases of intrusion into computer systems

Our IT-based forensic investigations techniques and services include:

a)Data collection: Through forensically imaging of devices such as personal computers, servers and mobile devices.
b) Incident response and Cyber Forensics: This is an approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a cybercrime. We assist our clients in identifying the cause of the intrusion that led to the attacker gaining access to organization's systems. This process provides useful information on which events took place prior to, during and after a cybercrime incident and provide information such as when files were modified, accessed, changed, created or copied.
c) Forensic Analysis: Analysing artifacts from a computer in order to reconstruct a computer crime scene, review metadata of documents accessed, emails and websites, etc in order determine the truth about an event to aid legal proceedings. Techniques used in Forensic Analysis also aid our Forensic investigations and Fraud risk assessment teams. We provide detailed analysis and remediation steps to an incident.
d) Electronic Discovery: the identification, collection and producing electronically stored information in response to a request for production in a civil or matter.

Data Analytics

Many organisations store large amounts of data which needs to be analysed in order to make business decisions. Data analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organization to make better business decisions. Our methodology relies on business rules, logical concepts or regulatory requirements and apply statistical models on the population in order to identify anomalies which are flagged for further investigation. Our data analytics procedures help our clients in identifying anomalies in datasets by providing analysis for:

• Forensic investigation support
• Proactive fraud prevention
• Controlling the magnitude of fraud reactively
• Internal controls analysis
• Regulatory and compliance analysis